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Man throws himself in front of CDMX metro at the Instituto del Petróleo station

The Metro Collective Transport System (STC) reported that this Tuesday, shortly after noon, a man lost his life after throwing himself onto the tracks at the Instituto del Petróleo station, on Line 5, causing suspension of service on the line for several minutes.

The event occurred at approximately 12:30 pm, so maneuvers had to be carried out to recover the body and then restart the service.

In recent weeks, there have been constant cases of people who apparently take their own lives by throwing themselves onto the tracks moments before the train passes, despite the efforts of the personnel of this transport system, which has also managed to contain at least a couple of such acts in June 2022 alone.

On May 18, a case was presented at the General Anaya station, on Line 2, where a woman apparently jumped, while on May 26 a new event was presented, this time at the Chilpancingo station on Line 9 .

From August 2016 to date, the containment of some 600 users attempting to commit suicide on the metro tracks has been achieved, according to the figures of the “Save Lives” protocol.

This protocol was designed to provide help alternatives to users of the metro who, during their stay on the platforms, experience some type of crisis that could put their lives at risk.

To do this, there are trained personnel from the STC’s Industrial Safety and Hygiene areas; elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) assigned to platforms.

Another method to detect people at risk is through the Central Monitoring Post, which monitors people who stay for several minutes in specific areas of the stations through security cameras.

According to the STC Metro, the support given to users includes contacting a family member and accompanying them to treatment, while they are transferred to the right Health institution.

Currently, people who manage to be saved from such a situation are helped with psychiatric care services at the Fray Bernardino Álvarez hospital; as well as with Injuve and C5, through Locatel, in addition to the CDMX Ministry of Health.

Last Sunday afternoon, elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC CDMX) attached to the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI) prevented a 47-year-old woman from making an attempt on her life at the Observatory station of the line one of the Metro Collective Transport System (STC).

According to the report, the policemen were carrying out their surveillance rounds at the station when they noticed the strange attitude of the woman, who carefully watched the train tracks and constantly exceeded the yellow security line, so the elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC CDMX) decided to intervene.

One of the officers of the security unit approached the 47-year-old woman to start a friendly dialogue. Minutes after the approach, the lady confessed to the police officer that she was going through personal problems.