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CDMX returns to green light: “we continue to improve day by day”

Thanks to the indicators and the drop in cases of COVID-19 in Mexico City, it will return to a green traffic light starting next Monday, as announced by Eduardo Clark García, general director of Digital Government of the Digital Innovation Agency.

Through a press conference, the director of the ADIP stated that the CDMX epidemiological traffic light returns to green (low contagion alert), starting next Monday, March 7.

“We have good news, we will be at a green traffic light for at least two weeks and with a downward trend,” he said.

He also mentioned that there was a reduction of almost 700 people hospitalized in the last week in the Valley of Mexico.

“We are going down faster than in the previous moments of the pandemic when we had a similar level of hospitalizations. We continue to improve day by day.”

As for Mexico City, the situation is very similar, since there is a reduction of at least 295 people hospitalized.

Regarding the positives of COVID-19 detected in health kiosks, as well as in Health Centers, the average in the last seven days has detected 305 people per day, that is, 96% less according to the maximum number of positives identified on January 17.

In general, Clark García assured that according to the indicators, it has dropped from almost 3,500 hospitalized to 900 currently reported in CDMX.

“We are approaching the historical minimums of positives and hospitalized. We’re pretty close to 350 from the record low we’ve seen in the entire pandemic.”

With this, it can be affirmed that there is a reduction in the trend of the spread of the virus in the City and there are fewer cases.